Spark of life

Where is the real power in life? We live. We achieve many things. Experience many things. And yet life does not appear so simple, does it?

Our lives can appear to always be so tangled up. Often entangled with many other lives through our associations in life. And from the results of our actions in life – at home, at work, with our job or occupation. And also in our leisurely pursuits, in our play.

We have our talents fueled by our own motivation. Our confidence in our own strengths lends us much support in our ventures. Our discipline and behavior come from our positive demeanor and the way we feel about ourselves. We look after ourselves and this is evident in our healthy self esteem and self image. All in all a lot our lives are determined by our own attitudes and how we handle the precious commodity we call life on a day to day basis.

That spark which is us is there for us. And throughout our lives. Our real task is to water it, cherish it, allow it to support us in our ventures. Without it we become a shadow of our true selves.

But all is not lost. Our spark of life, that true power within, is on one of life’s greatest gifts. Experience that. Use it to realize your full potential. Fulfill your life. Live from that and see how our life can blossom as we move forward to claim our rightful place in life.

The law of money

Nowadays, I heed spiritual advice regarding having a positive attitude towards the awareness of wealth. Yes, I am not a wealthy person, but that lack of it does not prevent me from doing my best to think and act like a wealthy one.

One good example is that now I pay my credit card bills almost as soon as I receive them. Yes, it feels good to do that I can assure you. You feel like you have more control of your financial ability rather than trying to delay as long as the policy of repaying allows. This way, you know how much you have in your pocket for the rest of the month and you know you are safe with the remaining.

It is also beneficial to yourself if you buy something nice for you to wear periodically. It is said that the significance of this is that your individual energetic field will be purified; the flow of energy can circulate freely between you and the cells of your body, between you and others, between you and other forms of energy, such as money.

Once the money that you have wished for comes in, you must understand that in order for money to continue to flow towards you, you also have to spend it and hoarding the money is a no-no. Yes, it is right to save a part of it, and this is highly encouraged, but, remember that the riches of the Creator should always remain in movement. You will only have the power to have your wishes fulfilled if you respect this Universal law.

Heal spiritually

Marie Callas tells me in her letter that I can use the power of affirmation to focus and remind myself to keep in a relaxed state. Once I am in this state, creative ability inside can be unleashed and I'd be more expressive.

This is what I'd do.

Motor to a place, like cliff, mountains, or forest. Luckily here in this beautiful country, we have ample places of nature that is still unspoiled. Take a deep breath there and exhale. I feel relaxed and imagine the gushes of positive energy flowing into me, revitalising me.

Usually, I'd say to yourself, "From here on out, I will only see the good."

That's a strong affirmation in my opinion. We are basically all looking for feel good factors in life.

Marie Callas also says to stop focusing on the problems and affirm our wealth. This may sound like a joke, but it really works. This is what many successful men do.

Lastly, I'd shout out, if possible, the gratitude I have for the Universe for giving me all these riches.. That's really the best way to heal yourself spiritually.


Now I know what I want in my life. I want to go out and experience this world so that i won't regret it when i'm bedridden. Life should be fun and interesting. There is a mission in life.

But most of people don't think about their mission in this life. They live to eat, go at work, earn and spend money.

This is not what I want really. Time is catching up and I know I have to do something now, as I don't want to do what everyone does. The good news is, I have found what I want. That is a course for rejoice surely.

Once there was a guy I dearly loved. I am not sure how much he loves me in return. However, I gave him all love that I can to make him feel appreciated. He's a guy in arts too. Hence we clicked well. It was a very happy moment in my life. Later, on, we split and I felt disappointed as he was going home. That is why we couldn't continue.

We all need love in our lives. Without the nurture of love, we will feel withered for sure. I am glad I experience love before and right now I feel delighted.

Live with a smile

In the past, I have never understood why there was such a effect of a smiling face. I thought people were just being fake. A humble smile is something you can take for granted, like pasting a mask over your face and move on.

Today for example I sheltered under a bus stop and the sky was teeming with rain and thunders could be heard sparingly. I was afraid of thunder since young and my legs were trembling with fear. A couple of metres away was a young man in his late teens I believe and he was also waiting for the bus to arrive. I looked in his direction he in mine and he gave me a 'yeah, its a long wait and the weather was bad' smile. Nothing was said yet for some odd reason I felt comforted by his smile. In my mind, I thought, yeah, this young man might go a long way in life.

As soon as I readjusted my mentality, I could feel there were many smiling faces and people around me as i walked along the streets. A 'thank you for holding the door open for me' smile, the 'Oh God I feel sorry for you having to listen to that' smile and lets not forget my favorite the smile at the meeting that says 'Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking'.

You would not believe how many different types there are for all sorts of situations. It is instinctive we automatically see the smile connect with the eyes and have total understanding. I do not know about you but I find that pretty amazing. A smile telepathy thing no one ever considered before until now that is. Its basic human spiritual energy in action!

So, make your pearly whites really white because there is power in that there. The power to give hope, comfort, support and to show love and understanding. The power to share something special without the need for words. Something your hi tech Blackberries, iPhones or Palms can't replace.

Smile and the whole world smiles with you.

Right attitude

I was chatting to a friend the other day who said that she and her husband were going their separate ways. I was amazed as they seemed to be the perfect couple.

Outside pressures had become too much for her husband and he felt he could no longer cope. I won't go into further detail here as it is not relevant.

This particular lady had a wonderful way in which to look at her predicament; she said that she felt lucky for the years which they had spent together, that she appreciated that each were on their own path and that it was now time to part and grow in different ways. She loved him and wished him luck and happiness in everything he did. She looked forward to her own growth, development and learning as well.

As much as i felt sorry for her, i agree that her attitude is right. The world be a better place if everyone parted on good terms, and with such a positive outlook, rather than animosity or trying to outfox one another. Yes, less dramatic to bystanders, but less traumatic to the people involved.

The conclusion i have is that each one of us has own particular brand of outlook in life. Temperament and personality are natural, yet i believe they can be adapated or changed if you want.

Don't for forget also that our life experience also plays a part in how we grow and develop.

The Intuitive Link

Yeah, there is the faint feeling of interconnectedness, that intuitive link that we can pick up by looking into people's eyes.

Oneness is recognized to be so much more real and obvious that the idea of duality becomes completely and utterly absurd.. like how could I ever believe that separation exists in the presence of THIS!?

You know how a dream feels real when you're in the dream, but when you wake up in the morning and find that physical reality is SO much more real than that dream ever was?

In this recognition there is literally not even a possibility of doubt, for doubt is seen to be yet another product of mind that can't touch the reality of what you are.

Oneness is so far beyond the mind that it stands totally independent of imagination, thought, philosophy, debate, and curiosity. It is the underlying reality that pervades all that is.